We have created this resource to help teachers scafold readings at the AP level in a way students can understand and enjoy them. This resource includes 6 readings, one for each AP Spanish Language and Culture theme. These readings can be found in the AP Spanish language textbook, TEMAS, but a link to the original article is included in case you do not work with this textbook.

Here is the copy description. We hope you and your students enjoy it and find it useful on their road to AP exam preparation.

In this bundle you will find 6 files, one for each tema in TEMAS. Each file contains: –Comprehensible reading

Comprehensible Powerpoint

Personalized questions

Group project with rubric

There is a link to the original reading so you can use this resource EVEN if you do not teach with TEMAS:

Tema 1: Facebook un monstruo de dos cabezas

Tema 2: Cazadores de tornados

Tema 3: Imaginarios de belleza en América Latina

Tema 4: Prepárense: en el futuro, todos autónomos.

Tema 5: Déficit de espacio público ahoga a los bogotanos.

Tema 6: Las redes sociales y la autoestima de los jóvenes.

You can find the TEMAS COMPRENSIBLES resource HERE

Feel free to send your questions or comments to real.language.acqusition@gmail.com

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